History of the Ministry

- Ministry started in the fall Semester of 1998  

- Weekly Bible study started on Friday after the kickoff Picnic with students             mostly from China

- InFocus is at the present time ministering Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist and    Christian students

- Ministry team members

    Drs Huggy and Kim An
    Professor and Mrs Bob and Lynn Frederick
    Professor and Mrs Earl and Jean Wells
    Dr and Mrs Rob and Sunmi Sheldon
    Dr and Mrs David and Margaret Powell
    Mr and Mrs John and Maria Chisum
    Rev and Mrs Harold and Sandy Bryer 
    Dr and Mrs Bijan and Beth Nemati
    Dr Seth Waldecker
    Mrs Susan Long
    Mrs I-Yuan Chang
The ministry is supported by
  Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
  Southwood  Presbyterian Church
  Central Presbyterian Church